Wanted: October

Last seen
: A year ago. I know it’s gonna be hard to find her again now but I guess I’ve always been a sucker for hope.
Was wearing a coat of orange- No, yellow leaves. No, green. Can’t really decide between the warm or cold colours. Blushes when you say you love her. Has sparks in her eyes. Like fireworks, they say.
Hush now. And you’ll hear her. In the cold wind. My baby, she sings when she’s tired. Quiet now. Hear her sing the song of the lost and the loved. 

Responds to
: Honey. Get it? Thick enough to trap you, but sweet enough to make you forget all about it. 

Additional information
: October doesn’t judge. October doesn’t say a word when you make bad choices. October doesn’t tell you not to get on that boy’s bike. October isn’t the angel on your shoulder. And probably won’t ever be. She just watches the leaves fall down and watches you fall apart. A little manic, a lot dream.
October, a mess of sleepless nights and big eyes and shaking hands. So it’s scary. So it’s jumping off a cliff, but knowing you’ll be okay. So it’s scary, but a sort of safe. 

Please contact me if you meet her.
Tell her I miss her. She won’t come back, too much of a free spirit to do so, but tell her to call once in a while. I keep waiting up all September for her. Want her back. Need her back.


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