“angel baby”

first kiss like hallelujah, like dang god, i knew you had angels, but i never belived in them until now. () her body is a shrine to no god and sometimes you hear the walls cry out for something to love, or worship, or both. () “tell me the truth, pretend this is an empty confessional and you’re a convict.” () call it blasphemy, but you think she is bursting with more divinity than your local church. () stained glass only makes her look holier. () she’ll condemn you and save you; the girl is both damnation and salvation. () her voice sounds like gospel when it’s bad and your guardian angels are already asleep. () “glory be the mouthfuls of feathers you left in my mouth when i kissed down your back.” () people don’t write poems about her, they write hymns. () sin never looked so pretty as it does when you’re sinning in the altar of her thighs. () you found redemption in parts of her, where others cried desolate. () she swallows sin like jesus and carries guilt like judas. () “lucifer, if you’re out there, I’m sorry for all the times I cursed you. I lit a candle for you today. I prayed for you today. “ () girl’s hands like church pews, girl’s hands like haven, girl’s hands like heaven. () she kisses you like love is her religion and your lips are the bible. () “you are seraphim, aren’t you? got a halo that’s burning and wings that are rusting.” () the rapture always scared you, but you couldn’t care less about some scripture because you’re too busy wondering why she says sorry like she’s giving a eulogy. () “baptise me in the ashes of what we were. I’ll make sure I come out all pure and gold and soft.”() she’ll leave you on your knees and you’ll moan amen, amen, amen. () you never knew a girl so divine could be so profane until she kissed all your bruises with salt on her lips. () “sometimes paradise makes you want to die. eve said the apple tasted sweet; rebellion always does.” () just remember: the light can bring you home. but it can blind you, too. ()“don’t you know? i’m not a girl, i’m a goddess.” () 

{A/N- Part 6 of The Girls From Yesterday  series}


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