“woman as warhead”

distance is her armour and words were her weapons. [] “did you honestly think Persephone was the victim? did you honestly think the girl with one world at her feet wouldn’t want another?” [] she’s more grenade than girl. [] kissing her was like having a target on your lips, and explosions in your chest. [] “my heart is war cry; my heart is an army; my heart is a huntress, and she will not have mercy on your soul.” [] she is brave in more ways than one- she is tears at midnight and clear faces in sunlight, she is panic in the barracks, she is scared and she knows it. [] “I love you like a battlefield loves the soldiers, I love you like a soldier loves a white flag, I love you like the white flag loves the silence.” [] She is like the ocean; she will swallow you whole and spit you out. [] through her helmet, you can see her eyes, the softest eyes, that could start a revolution if they wanted to. [] “everything is fair in love and war, and baby, this is both.” [] her heart is still hiding in the trenches; it does not know when to come out. [] she only ever closed her eyes when she kissed you. [] the price for winning the war, is the one it creates inside you. [] her stomach still lurches at the sight of blood. [] “they say demons run when a good man goes to war, but the devil himself flees when a good woman steps onto the frontline.” [] she is shooting another man, but it’s her head that feels like a gunshot wound. [] “don’t bother making plans and strategies, it all goes to hell in the end anyway.” [] maybe her smile still makes you weak in the knees, but goddamn, it’s worth it. [] trying to forget her is like sending a foot soldier to battle with nothing but a poem. []

{A/N- Part 4 of The Girls From Yesterday series}


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