“anatomy of a girl.”

to the phoenix girl who rose from chalk dust and grew with a scalpel in her shaky hands. || “ofcourse you’re special; it takes an entire ocean and the moon to erase your footprints.” || everyone who ever met her was a black hole, taking everything; they didn’t even let the light in her eyes escape. || you collide into her and in a second you glow brighter than the city. || “your warm kisses make me question the strength of my bones.” || “I’ve gotta believe in the multi-universe theory, because goodamn, there must be a place where we are not so miserable.” || she wants to go to space, because there’s no sound in space and that way nobody will be able to hear her scream and maybe she’ll be able to finally sleep. || science is her religion and cyanide is her holy water. || “we’re like animals, ripping each other apart until we get what we want, no matter the carnage.” || can handle numbers better than the numbness. || she’ll talk about the butterfly effect for two hours and thirty-three minutes, but all you can think of is the butterflies she blows into your ribcage with every word. || “dissect me. take me apart piece by piece. peel off my layers. are my insides more metal than man?” || she’s loves science to a fault, but she’ll always be art to you. || “every year the moon moves further away from the earth like maybe she still loves us, but she’s just gotta go you know?” || her laugh still rings through the tesla coils. || her touch still lingers in every wishing flower, no, dandelion, no, taraxacum officiale. ||

{A/N- part 2 of the girls from yesterday series.}


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