“meet the gas station princess.”

this one’s for the girl who memorises lost posters before ripping them to shreds. // “people don’t write songs for girls like me; they write obituaries.” // fashion statement: diesel dipped earrings and that plastic princess tiara that reeks of 99-cent nicotine patches. // makes you feel like jumping off of rooftops with the bat of her eyelashes. // never the Girl Next Door but always the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. // “hasn’t anyone told you about the witch who makes hex bags with painkillers and handcuffs?” // girl sings songs of strangers she kissed and broke her heels over. // angels can’t fly with their feathers are dipped in gasoline. // beauty queen has a smile doused in kerosene. // long live the queen who started a million fires, but still shivers at funeral pyres. // her poetry always sounds like an echo. // you almost throw up at the smell of her ninety-nine cent cherry lipgloss, but still wanna drive her across the country with those damn red stains all over your shirt. // say, you look like the type of girl who starts fires just because she can. She half laughs, half sighs, and takes her lighter out of her denim jacket. // has seven people on speed dial, but none on her emergency contact list. // kinda woman to wish on plane lights and on three-leaved clovers and at 11:13. // got a voice with a metallic aftertaste. // no one in town’s seen her cry, but no one’s seen her laugh either. // is the only one who tells the housewives buying Xanax that they look nice today. // “fluorescent bulbs are over-rated; I want a power outage. I want a blackout, kinda bored of black eyes.” // it’s okay, you can say anything to her. she’s not a woman, just a haunted house. // the kind that you can’t live with, but also the kind you can’t live without. // can’t wrap your fingers around her mind so you settle for her throat instead. // fuel her up and watch her go. //

{A/N- Part 1 of The Girls From Yesterday series}



  1. Illicit Chrysalism · December 10, 2015

    I am becoming a fan of your writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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