“funny boy”

you offer me a drink and i say yes in a heartbeat like funny boy makes me forget like funny boy presses laughter onto my lips like funny boy knows that bubblegum covers the smell of smoke like funny boy, i need a little rum like funny boy, i just want to have a little fun.

you tell me some crappy joke and i laugh like i think you’re voice cracked in the middle like your words came out slower but it’s probably the beer like your voice lights up my eyes like god, you remind me of a hymn like god, you remind me of him.

you kiss me into your bed like it is a shrine like i am divine like you are dying man and i am your last prayer like mythology was written by men like you like your tongue is made of silk like you’re trying to pull me closer like there is always going to be too much distance between us.

you touch me and it seems like you feel incomplete like a joke with a missing punchline like you’re drowning and i’m your life buoy like i am your masterpiece like baby, tonight i’ll be your bubble wrap and you’ll be my duct tape like baby, tonight we’ll keep each other safe.

you cry in your sleep like funny boy, where is that billion dollar smile like funny boy, you’re covering your bruises with layers of shitty pickup lines like funny boy, i’m sorry to tell you this but sass doesn’t double as morphine like funny boy, why are you so sad?

[A/N- lowercase intended]

[A/N- inspired by the style of Khanti Karuna]



  1. cygnetted · November 29, 2015

    I LOVE THIS. I’m really lowkey stalking your WordPress because I’m a loser and you’re writing is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cygnetted · July 24, 2016

    why do i feel like u changed this one up a little


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